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Welcome to Sunray Fiberglass windows and doors

Located in southwest Saskatchewan, SunRay Fiberglass Windows and Doors provides the highest quality windows and doors ideal for both home and commercial settings.

At SunRay Fiberglass Windows and Doors, we value quality. That‘s why we specialize in the installation of DUXTON pultruded fiberglass windows and doors. Fiberglass is the premium solution when framing windows and doors, resulting in products that last for generations.

Personal Estimates

We provide estimates with custom pricing based on your vision and budget. Our team will work with you before you buy.


SunRay Windows and Doors are best experienced in person. Come visit our showroom in the heart of downtown Swift Current.


From selection to installation, SunRay Windows and Doors is with you from the first step of your building project to completion.

SunRay Windows and Doors Gallery

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Preserving the charm and integrity of heritage buildings requires a delicate balance of respect for the past and modern upgrades for real-world functionality. When it comes to choosing the right …

As a discerning homeowner, choosing premium fiberglass windows and doors is just the first step. The second most important decision you will make is what type of glass to use …

Why SunRay Windows and Doors?

Preferred Distributor

SunRay is a preferred distributor for DUXTON Windows and Doors, so you can be sure you are getting the highest quality products.

Experience Professionalism

SunRay partners only with professional and journeymen carpenters.

Guaranteed Quality

With a 20 Year Limited Warranty on DUXTON windows and doors and a 2 Year Warranty on installation, peace of mind is a gurantee.